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Edit Interface

This grey interface allows you to add new content, and edit already existing content. The menu bar (blue circle) shows you the different types on content. Beneath your find the element's name and number in bold, here content(4), and the properties of it (green circle).
Quick Guide - Edit Interface

Menu (Blue Circle)

For your personal page, you will use contents, news, files, contacts and events.
Quick Guide - Edit Interface 2


This is the white page where you write text, link images, or list news. The main headline is written into contents.


Here, you can add upcoming events that you are organizing or attending, such as conferences and meetings.


You can upload images or documents here.


Under Contacts add individuals as friends' homepages or links to journals and magazines.


Here you can edit the rapid form to add content to your website once logged on.
Quick Guide - Edit Interface 3

Fields (Green Circle)

Depending on whether you edit content, news, files, contacts or forms, the interface might have some different fields. In general, you will use these fields:

privacy level

You should set that to everyone. Technically, you have to set separate privacy levels for e.g. the content and, in the sitemap, its entry in the menu. Saves you work to change the privacy levels only in the sitemap.


Do not bother.


This is the headline of the page which also appears in the browser title.

description, keywords

Do not bother.


The correct setting is important as it defines how your content is formatted on the website. If you don't like to write your own css style, every page is already provided with a standard style file that you can always use.


Well, this is the text body. See the next page for details.

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