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Query Syntax

Since your standard page as you receive it has a lot of functionalities already implemented, in most cases it will be sufficient to check the syntax used and just copy-paste it.

Below an example on the use of queries based on the homepage of the IONS-Project.

Lets say you have added the 25 plenary keynote speakers you have invited to your IONS. Now you want to display them on the website. For that you need the query syntax.

Example 1: Display a single plenary speaker

Quick Guide - Query 1


First we write the content type contact and the number of one of its elements 38. Separated by | are the fields we want to display, name and surname.

Example 2: Display and format a single keynote speaker

We can also format the name or add a line break:

Example 3: Display and format a keynote speaker with photo

Quick Guide - Query 3


More complicated syntax

It's possible to further complicate the syntax for more demanding purposes. Shop around on the various pages of the IONS page, or contact the webmaster.
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