"Quantum Thermodynamics: Can Maxwell's demon be actually an angel?"

Colloquium by Ozgur Mustecaplioglu

Quantum Thermodynamics: Can Maxwell's demon be actually an angel?

Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu
Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey

Thermodynamics was discovered by engineers; had been evolved by physicists for a while,
then was disbanded to engineers again. Physicists are like kids; they love to break things
apart to comprehend them, such as symmetries, atoms, or classical limits.
Thermodynamics sets a very strong limit that cannot be broken and many physicists abandon
it as an incomprehensible relic. Once upon a time, a physicist summoned a demon to destroy
this sacred relic, but failed. Many thought that the demon was exorcised. On the other hand,
it was discovered recently that the demon is still hanging around; but converted by quantum
mechanics to act angelically. Quantum mechanics deals with microscopic world while the
thermodynamics is about macroscopic one. The last person who seem to understand the link
between these two, killed himself as nobody believed him.
This talk will try to make sense of all of these; and will attempt to convince the audience
that quantum thermodynamics is as meaningful as jumbo shrimp.

Date: March 13, 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 16:00-17:00
Place: EE01