"Optical manipulation using speckle fields"

Optical manipulation using speckle fields

Giorgio Volpe (a), Giovanni Volpe (b), Sylvain Gigan (a)
(a) Institut Langevin (France)
(b) Bilkent University (Turkey)

Current optical trapping techniques rely on carefully engineered optical systems.
It is still a challenge to manipulate a large number of particles when the environment
is not well controlled and known a priori such as in most biological, biomedical and
microfluidic applications. Here, we developed a novel technique for optical manipulation
based on speckle light fields. These fields arise naturally when coherent light impinges
on scattering systems (biological tissues, turbid liquid, non-transparent microfluidic
devices or rough surfaces). We take advantage of the well-defined statistical properties of
speckle light fields to perform optical manipulation tasks such as trapping, guiding and sorting.

Place: Conference 8810, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation X
25 - 29 August 2013
San Diego, CA, USA