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PHYS 492 - Senior Project II - Spring 2013


Instructor: Giovanni Volpe - giovanni.volpe@fen.bilkent.edu.tr

Kick off meeting: 14:40-15:40, February 22, 2013, SAZ 240.

Midterm review: 15:00-16:00, April 5, 2013, ARL Meeting Room.
You will give a brief update on the progress of your project.

Final Presentation: 15:30-18:30, May 27, 2013, SAZ240

Final report: May 16, 2013.
You should prepare a report in the format of a scientific article (e.g., PRB format).
Please, send me a pdf copy of the report by email and hand me a printed copy.

Objectives of the Course

This course will train you on the conduct of research. You will learn how to plan, execute and report a research project.

Best practices:

* Arrange a meeting with your supervisor.

* Make sure you understand the objectives of the research project from your supervisor.

* Do a detailed survey of the previous work done in the field. Use Web of Science, Google Scholar or Scopus to search previous work. Print a list (including the abstracts) of the papers you find and share with your supervisor. Ask him to advise you on the relevant papers.
Find the papers and read them. Consult relevant books, web sites, your friends and faculty members to understand the literature.

* Set up a hypothesis and propose methods and tools to solve the problem.

* Make sure you are informed of all safety regulations if you have to use equipment unbeknownst to you. Safety (first) for you and the equipment you use, is very important.

* Do your own work diligently and on time.

* Make sure you understand how equipment works, what are its limitations: resolution, repeatibility, calibration, if you are doing a experimental work. In cases where you use professional software packages, you are expected to know how the program calculates quantities of interest. A software package is not a black box with a genie in it!

* Understand errors associated with your measurements/calculations. Show error bars on your graphs.

* Study papers on previous work. Make a plan for your midterm presentation.

* A note on plagiarism: When you write your reports, you can NOT copy verbatim from ANY source. If you must, it must be written in quotation marks and properly cited. Any source you use to write your report should be properly referenced in your report. Any form of plagiarism will be severely penalized according to University by-laws.

* Prepare a good presentation in powerpoint. Practice your talk with your supervisor and friends. Pay attention to timing.

* Have fun.