Mite Mijalkov awarded the "Best Introductory Talk Award" at IONS-13 Conference

Mite Mijalkov awarded the "Best Introductory Talk Award"
at IONS-13 Conference

Mite Mijalkov, a Master student in the Physics Department working with Assist. Prof.
Giovanni Volpe, was awarded the "Best Introductory Talk Award" at the IONS-13
Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 9-12 January 2013. His talk ("Introduction to Bio
and Nano Photonics") won the first prize for its clarity, its complete and
insightful review of the subject and its neat and accurate style.

IONS conferences are organized by the International OSA Network of Students and
supported by the OSA (The Optical Society). IONS conferences are held in Europe
twice a year, and several more times around the globe. The purpose of IONS
conferences is to connects together students from around the globe, all actively
engaged in optics and photonics. While ordinary scientific conferences focus strongly
on just one particular topic in optics and are rather impersonal,
IONS conferences focusses on the people. Students can present their latest
results to fellow young scientists from across optics during the scientific
sessions, discuss it, and get informed about other young scientist's
cutting-edge research projects.

Mite Mijalkov agrees that the participation in IONS conference was a wonderful
experience: "The organization of the conference was impeccable and everyone in the
organizing committee has done an excellent job to ensure that the scientific and
social part of the conference passed without any distractions. All the invited
speakers gave brilliant and inspiring talks. Considering that this is a student
conference, a great accent was put on the social part and this gives great
opportunities to meet people from different parts of the world, exchange
opinions and ideas and, last but not least, have a lot of fun."

IONS-16 in summer 2014 will be held in Bilkent organized by the OSA Student Chapter
at Bilkent University: "Everyone who wants to take part in this chapter and in the
organization of this conference is very welcomed to join." Mite Mijalkov concludes.

IONS website:
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