Physics Synopsis on Giovanni Volpe's article

May 9, 2013

Physics Synopsis on Giovanni Volpe's article

The article by Felix Kümmel at al.
Circular Motion of Asymmetric Self-Propelling Particles
published in Physical Review Letters, has been featured in a Synopsis in Physics.

The article investigates the motion of L-shaped, self-propelling, micron-sized particles in
liquids. Such particles can serve as models for real biological swimmers, such as bacteria
or spermatozoa. So far, researchers have focused on spherical and rodlike particles,
but new experiments with L-shaped particles may give better insight into biological
microorgansims that lack symmetry about their propulsion axis. As Felix Kümmel from
the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and colleagues report in Physical Review Letters,
the experiments show that such particles move in circles in open liquid, but follow
a straighter path near surfaces.

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Link to the synopsis: Round and Round in Circles

Link to the article: "Circular Motion of Asymmetric Self-Propelling Particles"