M. Mijalkov and R. Sayed at IONS Conference

June 20, 2013

M. Mijalkov and R. Sayed at IONS Conference

Mite Mijalkov and Rania Sayed will attend the 14th IONS conference,
Torun, Poland, 3-6 July 2013.
Mite Mijalkov will give a presentation with title "Sorting of chiral microscopic
swimmers activated by light"
in the section Quantum Optics; Rania Sayed will
present a poster with title "Intracavity Optical Trapping with Feedback locked
Diode Lasers"
again in the Quantum Optics section.

About IONS

In 2006, several European Student Chapters of the Optical Society of America
decided to collaborate on their research and outreach activities. Getting to know
other young scientists on a professional and personal level, discussing science,
visiting international research centers, and expanding their personal horizon
visiting other countries were the main ideas driving this international effort.

IONS, the International OSA Network of Students, connects together students from
around the globe, all actively engaged in optics and photonics. While ordinary
scientific conferences focus strongly on just one particular topic in optics and
are rather impersonal, IONS conferences focusses on the people. Students can
present their latest results to fellow young scientists from across optics during
the scientific sessions, discuss it, and get informed about other young
scientist's cutting-edge research projects. Students' chapter's activities are at
the centre of a whole session at IONS, giving space to discussions about
educational outreach activities and more with fellow student chapter members.