Physics Colloquia start on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 3, 2014

Physics Colloquia start on Wednesday, February 3, 2014


February 12 - Selim Ünlü, "Ultrasensitive Digital Detection of Nanoparticles: Viral Diagnostics and Multiplexed Protein and Nucleic Acid Assays"

February 19 - Thomas Südmeyer, "Recent trends in ultrafast lasers and frequency combs"

February 26 - John A. Rogers, "Materials and Mechanics Concepts for Bio-Integrated, Transient Electronics"

March 12 - Jan Wehr, "What is the equation of motion of a Brownian particle?"

March 19 - Lukas Novotny, "Cooling and Amplification of a Vacuum-Trapped Nanoparticle"

March 26 - Dietmar Kracht, "3D Laser Printing: Challenges for the next industrial revolution"

April 9 - Carlo Sirtori, "Superradiant electroluminescence and collective phenomena in a low dimensional electron gas"

April 16 - Gunter Schütz, "Surprising physics in one dimension - From molecular motors to anomalous diffusion"

May 14 - Axel Winter, "ITER and nuclear fusion: An energy source for the future"

Time: 15:40-16:30
Place: EE01